Learn about the Rockstar Auto Conference

The Rockstar Auto Conference was born out of a need for change

Automotive Industry conferences can be a great place to learn and grow but Chris Speer and Mat Koenig felt it could be done better, so they decided to find out.

In March of 2016 in the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan the first ever Rockstar Auto Conference with more than 70 Automotive Industry Professionals was held at the Alamo Drafthouse. The one and only Grant Cardone, was the Rockstar Auto Conference keynote speaker and as always, his information was not only exciting, it was life changing.

Grant celebrated the inaugural Rockstar Auto Conference with us on his birthday. He also brought his lovely wife Elena and their daughters Scarlett and Sabrina to the event.

To close out the event, Gary Vaynerchuk recorded a special #AskGaryVee Show just for the Rockstar Auto Conference.

With an entire cast of other great speakers throughout the day, we knew immediately that this was going to be bigger than one conference, the Rockstar Events were going to become a movement.

Our goal with Rockstar Auto Conference Events is to Create a New Future for Our Industry

The Rockstar Auto Conference exists to help automotive sales and leadership professionals elevate their careers. At this unique automotive industry even you’ll learn better ways to serve customers and sell products so that you can build a loyal customer base with higher profit margins.

Come with an open mind and a positive attitude. We provide you with powerful content. When your willingness to grow is combined with rockstar information it will give your career new meaning.

Everything about the Rockstar Auto Conference is unique to the industry. Check out our beliefs to learn more.

Beleif #1: If you’re taking the time to come, the content should be unique and valuable! Many speakers recycle the same content over and over from conference to conference. That sucks right? At the Rockstar Auto Conference every speaker session delivers unique information to help you grow to new heights

Belief #2: It’s easier to learn when it’s fun! speeches delivered behind a podium can put just about anyone to sleep. We create a fun learning environment so that you’ll stay engaged.

Belief #3 Fast. Easy. Affordable. The Rockstar Auto Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada is a two day event so that you can grab great information quickly and get back to the store to put everything into practice. We offer a multitude of payment options and our Sponsors often do scholarships and contest for those new to the business.

An event is only as good as the people involved so we have the best team of people rocking this event to make sure your experience rocks!

Mat Koenig

Co-founder of the Rockstar Auto Conference, CEO of BDA Spanish and creator of KonigCo. Mat is a 23 year Auto Industry Veteran, speaker and author who loves serving automotive sales and leadership professionals.

Chris Speer

Chris Speer is the Co-founder of the Rockstar Auto Conference and VP of operations for BDA Spanish. He’s a true automotive industry professional who leads by example. He was a top sales person in his former auto group and loves helping dealers grow.

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