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Vendors: Sorting Sh*t from Shinola

In Frank’s opening keynote he will help your dealership learn who to do business with and who to avoid. Frank J. Lopes will give you tips for identifying sh*tty vendors, help you learn how to spot a sh*tty vendor before you hire them and how to determine if the vendors you have right now are getting the job done. 

Keys to this session:

  • Understand what your vendor is supposed to deliver
  • Learn to spot tell-tale signs of a sh*tty vendor
  • Have a clear plan to inspect what you expect from vendor partners

More about Rockstar Auto Conference Keynote Speaker Frank J Lopes

The ”Marketing Guy For Car Guys” Frank J Lopes is Vice President of FB Digital and Forrest & Blake Marketing & Advertising in New Jersey.

Frank built one of the largest advertising agencies in New Jersey and grew sales from $0 to over $30M in just 5 years. Frank has also successfully purchased and resurrected two businesses in the hospitality sector.

In 2011, he joined with Forrest & Blake Advertising. Under his guidance, Forrest & Blake and FB Digital have become one of the automotive industry’s hottest digital marketing agencies with a sales increase of nearly 10X.

Currently with FB Digital and Forrest & Blake Marketing, he leads and guides the marketing efforts of some of the largest volume and fastest growing automobile dealerships in the country.

Frank has been quoted various national publications such as Fast Company, INC, Capital One Spark, Dealer Magazine, Dealer Marketing Magazine, Dealer Solutions Magazine and many others. He has also been interviewed and is a regular guest on major podcasts and automotive industry related news shows including CBT News, Auto Dealer Live, Dealer Playbook and Be Less Typical.

Frank is also a prolific speaker and dominant presence on Social Media spreading a message of Positivity and Growth to all his followers. He speaks out on controversial issues facing the automobile industry and is an evangelist for positive change and the customer experience.

Frank is also a mentor and personal coach to members of the automotive community nationwide.

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