Are you a Rockstar Speaker?

Apply to speak at the November 2017 Rockstar Auto Conference Las Vegas, NV

Novermber 13-14, 2017

CLICK HERE to submit your speaker application.

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Keys for Submitting Your Speaker Application

Your Session Must Be NEW (not recycled from any of our events or any other industry event).
Sessions cannot be repeated from a past event.
Sessions that are submitted for Rockstar Vegas, must be presented for the first time at Rockstar Vegas.
Provide detailed info on why your session is going to be memorable to our attendees.
Provide “how-to” information that rockstar attendees can use when they get home.

You will need to submit the following:
Session Title & Subtitle
Session Description
Primary Learning Objectives: no more than 3 (let us know what people will learn at this session and how it will help them when they go home)
Contact Information for all speakers
Your Speaker(s) Experience
Speaker(s) Bios (Keep it brief)
Headshot Photo for all Speakers
Speaker Video – All applicants must submit a Rockstar Auto Conference Las Vegas speaker video when you apply.
The video will be used to decide if we feel that you’d be a good fit for the event. If accepted, the video will be used for marketing purposes and may be edited so keep it fun, clean, and LOGO FREE!
Rockstar Auto Conference will post the video online to promote your session if accepted so don’t be boring!
This video must be non-promotional so don’t put logos on it. We are ok with you mentioning the name of your company just don’t explain what your company does in the video.
Applications with videos that have promotional content WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AT ALL